About switzerland


Diverse economy…

Switzerland has more than 300,000 small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) which form the backbone of the country’s economy. Over 1.000 multinationals are headquarted in Switzerland. One third of all jobs (3.500.000 full time equivalents) are concentrated in only a few large companies.
A well-functioning financial system is an integral component of the country’s flourishing economy. Swiss companies benefit from a comprehensive supply of credit at low interest rates.

Rich country…

Switzerland is one of the world’s most affluent countries. The financial sector is a key pillar of the Swiss economy. The added value is more than 10 % of the GDP. In spite of the global economic crisis the Swiss economy has witnessed extremely dynamic growth. Switzerland is an attractive location for employers due to its firstclass infrastructure and excellent supply of highly qualified specialists. According to the World Economic Forum, Switzerland is one of the most competitive countries in the world. It has an above-average capacity for innovation and some of the best research institutions in the world. It has an efficient labor market, dual education system and excellent infrastructure. It owes its competitiveness to its strong financial sector. For a large part Switzerland owes its economic success to its strong integration in global export markets. It has a high score in terms of quality USD per kilo of exports!

Low interest haven and a secure and stable country…

Switzerland has positioned itself as an international hub for foreign assets due to its dinstinct legal security, together with its social, political and economic stability. The country has earned itself the reputation as a safe haven all over the world. Switzerland is the global leader in cross-border wealth management with a market share close to 30 %.

Financially strong…

Switzerland is a pleasing exception to the rule that many countries public finances have come under extreme pressure in recent years. Swiss public finances are in great shape!

Price stable…

The trust in the Swiss currency is reflected in the high demand for Swiss franc investments as well as in the consistently low inflation rate. Switzerland’s stable and secure currency assists the banking industry, whilst in return the Swiss franc needs the banking system.
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