About us

We offer Wealth Management Services and are based in the Canton of Zug in Switzerland and in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Our firm acts independently and was founded in 2009. It is owned and managed by Richard Crombach CEFA. Our extensive network of specialists is to your benefit, where we offer you access to investment experts, financial planners, private equity specialists, trust experts and other relevant contacts.

We provide high net worth individuals and families impartial advice. Due to the carefully selected partners we work with, some of which have existed for more than 200 years, our guidance and expertise is based on generations of experience. This gives you a unique perspective across the core services we provide as an intermediary entity, which are Portfolio Management, the Structuring of Wealth and Banking. These services are available for you through a network of leading banks, asset managers and external experts. Each of these services is available on a stand-alone or on an integrated basis.

We realize that it takes time to comprehensively understand your needs and aspirations, before anything is implemented. On a daily basis, you can benefit from our expertise, experience, independence, network and creative and objective insights in order to preserve and develop your wealth. Your wealth management needs may evolve and become more complex over time. Therefore we are keen to provide you with a more comprehensive service to simplify your (financial) life. Often this process starts with our efforts to give you a consolidated overview of all your assets.
“The difference between the present, the past and the future is an illusion.
A pretty strong one..”
(Albert Einstein)
Mont-Blanc Wealth Management Services AG
Baarerstrasse 50
6300 Zug
Phone: Richard Crombach CFA (Founder) +41 78 911 0670
Mail: info@mont-blancwms.com