Our six key principals

Mont-Blanc Wealth Management Services has six guiding principles (like the six glaciers of Mont-Blanc) which define the way that we work. We consider each principle as integral to our ethos and at the heart of our commitment to any of our clients. These fundamental values are:

Personally committed

We are personally committed to provide you a ‘state of the art’ service. We truly emphasize care and attention to detail, while always having the ‘big picture’ in the back of our mind. It is simply a ‘way of life’ and essential in the conduct of the profession as ‘trusted advisor’, but we also consider it as a human quality;


It is rooted in our structure and in our focus on the sole activity of Wealth Management and in our determination to grow organically.


Our advice is objective and based on a clear, unbiased and objective analysis. Our firm is completely independent and we are in the position to put forward the most appropriate solutions to you at a very reasonable price. In the end it is about our (added) value instead of the price;


We clearly have a long term perspective. We emphasise integrity and discretion as a ‘second nature’. Discernment and sensitivity are required in any wealth manager; the establishment of a genuine partnership requires much more. You and your family can rely on us.


We have an intellectually rigorous approach to your affairs. It is our primary concern for our clients and their needs. We provide expert advice on the structuring and management of your wealth; our clients value our service which is comparable to that of dealing with their own single family office;


We always go ‘the extra mile..’ and we speak your language. We consider an entrepreneurial spirit as the only viable option in an ever more fiercely competitive environment.
“Perfection does not mean that there is nothing to add,
but that there is nothing to take away..”
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