Our private clients

Mont-Blanc Wealth Management Services has only a limited number of clients in line with its philosophy to give care and attention to each individual client. Many of our clients are (ex) entrepreneurs or at least have an entrepreneurial approach towards life. We feel very comfortable with the specific expectations and the complexity that this brings.

Our firm/ its founder founder has been adhering to the principle of ‘open architecture’ for its clients for a number of years: choosing and using the best wherever it might be. Our prime focus is on your family (create lasting family wealth), your portfolio (manage assets) and business (maximize value).

Our approach to wealth management can be split into three key domains, namely to protect, to grow and to monitor your assets.

We look forward to working with you in a genuine and longlasting partnership in which it will always be your individual or your family’s needs that are always at the centre of our endeavours
“Mont-Blanc Wealth Management Services AG
Your partner for generations...”
Mont-Blanc Wealth Management Services AG
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