Our partners and culture

Mont-Blanc Wealth Management Services has a way of working that emphasises intellectual rigour and integrity with a true passion for the job. We always ‘walk the extra mile..’ for you. Contacts, knowledge and skills are always shared with only one goal; to offer the best solution for any challenge that you will face.

As we are a privately owned company with only one share holder, the company is able to have a long term view, providing you with a service which is stable and discrete. We work together with preferred partners where success is valued and rewarded and staff turnover is low compared with industry norms. Names of our selected partners are available on request.

What to expect from us as your trusted advisor?

Interests aligned: we consider ourselves as a collaborator who understands your needs and places your interests and demands as a starting point of any decision to be taken. A specialist or expert advice is ‘only one phone call away..’. We provide you with access to any relevant information you require on economic and market trends in order to assess their impact on your wealth. We will help you analyse the implications of any changes in your circumstances and needs and adjust your wealth strategy accordingly.

Genuine partnership: should you opt for a partnership with us, we hope to be talking for many years to come. It is important to build up a deep mutual understanding in a longlasting partnership in order to manage your wealth effectively. You can freely debate your intentions on a frequent basis and we help you think through any of your ideas with regard to your business, your family or your portfolio of assets.
“Expect the unexpected...”
Mont-Blanc Wealth Management Services AG
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Phone: Richard Crombach CFA (Founder) +41 78 911 0670
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