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Mont-Blanc Wealth Management Services has a selected international network of tax and wealth structuring specialists available for you which we consider as our partners. They are skilled at the establishment of complex cross- border trusts and estates. A proper structuring of your wealth can be of help to improve the efficiency of the management of your portfolio of assets and administration or to safeguard your / your family’s privacy.

Moreover it is to thrive, develop and prosper for your family’s future generations as your assets and estates need constant protection- from changing laws and regulation, political upheaval or perhaps irresponsible members in your family.

Our Wealth Structuring services include services related to the ‘next generation’ next to our Family Governance related services. Hereby our objective is to ‘reach out’ to the younger generation where we target children between 18-30 years of age. We aim to provide them guidance at a critical life stage, thereby supporting their parents in their education process.

We developed a special programme for them called YEP! (Young Entrepreneurial successors and Professionals) focused on an introduction to finance, the childrens personal ambitions versus the family where the ‘gap’ between family and ambitions will be bridged through entrepreneurial ‘stories’ from professionals. See www.yep-academy.com.

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