What we can do for you

We are a management owned company to be handed down over the years through what is in essence a continuous management buy out. This fosters a long term focus and avoids fashions. This guarantees our independence, in financial terms, but also in spirit. As such, we enjoy total financial independence, control the entire chain of its operations and do not need the approval of shareholders in taking decisions. It abides by the strictest standards in managing the risks inherent to its business, always acting in the best interests of its clients.

What we offer is impartial advice to wealthy individuals and families. We draw on our expertise and experience to provide you with tailored solutions, from strategic advice to excellent execution. Your overall balance of assets and liabilities and how this is structured, your family and your business, should you have one, is what interests us.

In many cases structures are created in order to protect a range of the family’s assets, varying from yachts and jets to family businesses, art, real estate, private equity and of course a portfolio of equities, bonds and other investments. However, before a coherent strategy for shaping wealth is defined for you, we are keen to fully understand your unique preferences, circumstances and your general ideas about the future, requirements and priorities.

So before we start with our suggestions, thoughts and recommendations, a lot of time and energy is spent on listening to you in order for your needs to be fully understood. You can rely on our services throughout your wealth cycle. Our main focus is on your family, your portfolio and your business.

In many cases we start with providing you with a consolidated overview of all your assets.
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